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PROMO SHOUTOUT (with this option your post will be featured for 30 days or longer)

What is a Promo Shoutout?

One-time marketing service that features a post on Starcat instagram page for 30 days for brands and companies. This promo post is not only for signed artists, music related niche, but also we accept any business..

Our audience consists of real music fans, professional musicians, music industry executives. Get increased exposure to potential fans/customers/clients, collaborators, record labels, publishers now!

Simply follow these 2 steps.

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Make a payment
  • Important: Instagram's video limit is 60 seconds.
    Your video should be 3 to 60 seconds long.
    Skip this if you've already provided your post URL above.
  • Enter the caption for your image or video.
    - You MUST include your @username here.
    - Please do not include more that 5 hashtags.
    We will post EXACTLY what you write in here.
    You can include emojis and basic formatting here as well.

  • Please specify approximate date and time you want the shoutout to be posted. PST (GMT-8) timezone. Allow at least 12 hrs in advance for us to prepare your shoutout.
  • If your content meets our standards, there is a possibility of us featuring your post permanently at no extra charge. If you want even more exposure, check out the sponsorship opportunity.
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 Hurry! Limited Time Offer! The price will increase soon. 

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